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[TRANS] 131005 Exclusive Yang Hyunsuk interview regarding ‘WIN’ team results and disbandment issue…

CEO Yang reported the following during his phone interview with a reporter on the 5th, “Keeping the promise that we made about the ‘WIN’ teams and how one of the two team’s victory depends 100% on viewer votes and solely on the viewers’ votes is the most important thing” and that “I announced during the first production press conference and on the first episode of the show that the winning team will debut immediately after the show is over and that the losing team will either disband or spend many more years training, however I (and YGE) think that a definite disbandment for the losing team is the better way to go once the winning team is separated away.”

Irrelevant information omitted.

CEO Yang Hyunsuk continued, “There is no doubt that both teams have gained much popularity, fame, and fans through this program, but because of that first promise we made with the public and people, and to follow the original guidelines and rules set forth on this show, the losing team will officially and immediately disband.”

SOURCE: http://news.nate.com/view/20131005n09747
TRANSLATION: @big_seunghyun (Twitter) // swaggalevel-1000 (Tumblr)

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    NOOOOOO! :( just debut them all. debut the winner team followed by the other team! disbandment is quite over
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  9. joybom said: I would like that will debut both here in mexico are very popular U.U
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    And this is why I didn’t agree with the show as soon as it started coming up on my dash. It’s not fair on the losing...
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    Jesus my heart hurts just reading this. I can only imagine when they do the girls. SMH YG
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    If you’re curious what the “promise” is~
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    team A fighting !! YG please forget about the promise withe the public just debut both team … if u let any of them go or...
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    I cant take this no… they were all great talents. It would be such a waste to let even just one member go.
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    YG is being an ASS. a total ASS. he didn’t have to disband, gosh. you can always debut the losing team later. i admit...
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